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Tyvek Wristbands

Leghorn offers a wide range of Tyvek wristbands in a variety of colours, patterns and barcode option, so the model you choose compliments your event. The great advantage of the Leghorn Tyvek wristbands is their tamper-proof nature which lowers the chances of guests switching wristbands with others. They fit around the wrist and are permanently locked in place so they cannot be slipped on or off the wrist. Tyvek is also waterproof, ensuring that our bands can be worn in any weather.
Our Tyvek bands are the perfect method of identifying your paying customers. Tyvek Wristbands can be used in almost all applications where a visual means of identification is needed. Made of strong, waterproof, lightweight Tyvek®, the wristbands comfortably adjust to any size and are easily applied to the wrist with an adhesive strip.
Leghorn Tyvek wristbands are available in many colors and can be supplied with barcode, too.


Plastic Wristbands

Leghorn Plastic Wristbands offer good value effective identification and admission control. Our quality plastic wristbands are comfortable and durable for extended wear. The non reusable plastic snap closure and their stretch resistant quality makes them non-transferable transfer and increases security.
Leghorn Plastic Wristbands can be used as a crowd control, and in almost all applications where a visual mean of identification needed for your establishment(s). We can personalise your wristbands by printing your logo or special text, which is also a great way to help market your company.


Vinyl Wristbands

Leghorn Vinyl Wristbands are great for crowd management and security as well as for any application where a visual mean of identification is needed. Leghorn Vinyl wristbands, with their premium quality vinyl, are comfortable and durable for extended wear. The non reusable locking plastic snaps discourages transfer and increases security.
Our wrist bands come in a wide array of different colors and patterns. Call us for for further details.



Leghorn srl offers a comprehensive range of wristbands for your event, attraction, promotion or charity.

If you already know what type of wristband you are interested in please use the menu on the left to find out more about our colour ranges and artwork possibilities for your choice.

If you are not sure what type of wristband would be best for you then check out our choosing a wristband page or browse our gallery

Otherwise you can give us a call on +39 0586 406376 and our sales team will be more than happy to answer any questions or offer advice on the most suitable wristband for you. .


Leghorn srl RFID wristband system is available with a full range of hardware and accessories ... MORE

Tyvek wristbands are our most popular and economical wristbands. They are best used for short term/single use applications... MORE

Vinyl wristband: Vinyl is more resistant than Tyvek especially in humid environments. Best for multiple day use and/or rugged wear applications ... MORE

Plastic wristbands: Suitable for multiple day use and/or rugged wear applications plastic locking- snap to avoid misuse. Made with a tri-laminate material... MORE

Glitter & Metallic Finish wristband. Looking for something more unique? Add some glitter, metallic finish or sparkle to your wristbands... MORE




Wristband designed for short hospital stays.

It is a one-piece bracelet with a self-adhesive band for a quick and easy removal.
DetaiIs printed on the wristband resist to water, soaps, alcohol and other chemical products commonly used in hospitals to prevent the spread of bacteria like MRSA and similar.


Wristband designed for medium and short hospital stays.

It is provided with a self-locking plastic closure in order to ensure that it firmly stays on patient’s wrist once applied. Standard color for the clasp is white, but a wide range of colors is available on request.


Wristband designed for medium and long hospital stays.

Wristbands’ standard color is black, but can be printed in many other colors on request.


Technical Details



Most Italian hospitals choose LEGHORN for their wristbands.
Every day throughout the world thousands of patients are victim of a variety of identification errors.
This can result in major problems with transfusions, drug administering, specimen collection and points of care testing. Every Leghorn product can be used to reduce these kind of errors.
ELECTRONIC RFID hospital wristbands range includes:

There is not only a real risk for the patient, but we should also add the costs for handling wasted materials as well as higher insurance fees.
There is an urge to reduce identification errors in the vast majority of hospitals all over the world, in order to ensure the right care for the right patient.
All of our bracelets are supplied in plain white with progressive numbering a unless otherwise specifie.



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